The Firm

S P S A & Co. (SPSA) is a Peer Reviewed CA firm of 9 Chartered Accountants with head office at New Delhi and Branches at Gangtok, Kolkata, Silliguri & Punjab which provides services in the field of Risk Advisory & Consulting, Assurance Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Direct & Indirect Taxation, Corporate Advisory since 1980.

The Management Assurance practice helps clients by an in depth understanding of their business, and then converting the information obtained to harness unexplored opportunities, thereby improving the client’s efficiency and performance.

Combined with our persevering motto of “service above self” and good value, we use accounting and auditing information to help our clients grow and reach their aspirations. This is more than just preparing financial statements and tax returns.

The Tax practice at SPS is continuously endeavoring to help the clients to achieve the desired results through customized and innovative solutions.

Key Management Personnel

Late Sh. Arjun Dass ji

Founder and Member
Expertise Area – Tax Advisory, Assurance, Corporate Advisory
Qualification – B.Com, F.C.A.

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CA. Krishan Kaushal

(Branch Managing Partner, SPSA & Co. Delhi )
FCA, B.Com

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CA. Sanjay Kumar Agrawal

Expertise Area – Tax Advisory, Corporate & Risk Advisory, Outsourcing
Qualification – B. Com (Hons.), F.C.A., CMA (Gold- Medalist)

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CA. Anita Agarwal

Expertise Area – Audit & Assurance, International Taxation
Qualification – M. Com, FCA

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CA. Sobhit Chhawchharia

Expertise Area – Taxation and Corporate Law Matters
Qualification – B.Com. (Hons.), F.C.A.

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CA. Manoj Agarwal

Expertise Area – Assurance & GST
Qualification – M.Com, B.Com. (Hons.), F.C.A., DISA (ICAI), Certificate holder (FAFD, IFRS, Concurrent Bank Audit)

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CA. Priyesh Jain

Expertise Area – Audit & Assurance, Corporate & Tax Advisory, Project Financing
Qualification – M.Com, FCA, PHD in Forensic Audit, DISA (ICAI)

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CA. Vimal Kumar

Expertise Area – Risk Advisory & Taxation
Qualification – FCA, M.Com, M.B.A., LLB., PGDBL,CCCA(ICAI)

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Gobind Agrawal

Expertise Area – Audit & Assurance, Corporate Advisory, Project Financing
Qualification – B.Com, FCA

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